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Loyalty Marketing strategies.

Our team has vast experience in loyalty. Specifically.

There’s enormous opportunity for first mover cannabis companies to build customer loyalty NOW that enables your business to continue to grow into the future as the industry explodes. We get it.

Your business needs partners that know how to create growth through customer loyalty. Four Twenty Loyalty Marketing has worked with companies big and small to analyze customer behavior, identify business opportunities, create winning strategies and manage the execution of marketing programs.

Our collection of strategists are experts at analyzing insights and data to build compelling solutions: Loyalty Program design/ program set up/ project management, as well as direct and digital targeted communications (Mobile messaging, Email, Social, Mailers).

We know what works and we know how to get it done and it won’t take years to see the impact.


What Four Twenty Loyalty Marketing can do for you.

Four Twenty Loyalty Marketing uses proven, repeatable strategies to drive engagement with your brand, stores, and team members. We can help you put a strategic and data driven approach in place that will engage customers and deliver sales by leveraging years of experience in other industries that can be used to help you focus on the cannabis consumer specifically.

Our experience means we can integrate with your team and learn your particular business needs quickly.  Our team is uniquely positioned to not only deliver proven marketing strategies and tactics that drive results, but we can also manage the execution of the strategies.

We’re here to help you more fully leverage the insights and technology you already have.  Four Twenty Loyalty Marketing doesn’t represent a technology solution so we can provide unbiased recommendations and solutions. Most “seed to sale” systems have a loyalty/communication component we can utilize for delivering relevant customer marketing. Or if needed, we can recommend solutions to fit your needs.  


Step 1

Identify the customer. Before creating marketing tactics, you need to know who the customer is. You likely have this important step completed already since Cannabis consumers have to identify themselves in some way to purchase.

Step 2

Collect a secure way to reach them. What is the preferred way your loyal customers want to hear from you? Mobile phone # or email is the most likely way a customer would opt in to markeitng. Use this preferred channel to communicate relevant, personalized rewards and offers based on what they already buy or stated interests.   

Step 3

Analyze Behavior and Mine for Usable Insights.  Our team is skilled at looking for the “golden nuggets” of behavior that can drive exponential growth. What customers buy and how frequently is the first step to being able to provide helpful advice, rewards and offers to keep customers shopping with you.  

Step 4

Deliver marketing campaigns and programs that add value and drive profit.   Imagine how happy customers will be when you know s/he is loyal to edibles and you alert them of a sale on their favorite brand? This same customer may be interested when you add new product assortment - such as selling cannabis infused wine, An offer for a free wine sample and bonus loyalty points will drive a visit to your store/website.

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